Welcome to Nevada Narratives:  Stories, Pictures, and Poetry Set in Nevada’s Past and Present

Ken Lund: Winnemucca CC BY
Ken Lund: Winnemucca CC BY

Hello everyone who keeps Nevada in their hearts and imagination. Here you can connect with the landscape and with people who share their stories set in the state.

In a way, this blog is an experiment. At the moment, I see it as a continually publishing online magazine for readers and writers.

See the video tour for a quick overview of the site.

I will be posting some of my own stories but I also want to showcase the work of others who are driven to write about Nevada. Right now, I’m leaning toward memoir pieces, essays, biographical stories, poetry or other forms that highlight a sense of Nevada.

I hope the writing in Nevada Narratives will reflect the impact of living in an arid state that was once thought of mainly as an obstacle to people moving west to California. Today, most Nevadans live in cities and towns that separate them from the surrounding desert. The desert itself doesn’t easily yield to human domination but I hope this blog will yield accounts of human experiences in Nevada’s cities, towns and deserts.

Writers: Use the Contact Me page to send your thoughts. I’m eager to hear your ideas and hopefully feature much of your writing on this site.

Readers: Keep encouraging this blog and its writers by subscribing, reading, and commenting. I also urge you to think about writing here too.

Thanks to all who visit, read, subscribe to, and write for Nevada Narratives.

Suzanne Stormon

The Stories

At The Buffet: A Reno Story by Suzanne Stormon

I Had a Brother A Poem By Ken Adams and a Reflection by Suzanne Stormon

Life on Buffalo Mountain – Episode 2  by Mark Stormon

Non-Wedding in Nevada by Suzanne Stormon

Nevada Masons Rededicate Grand Lodge

A Different Type of Ghostwriting by Suzanne Stormon

Two Went to War by Ken Adams

A Three-Hour Drive Brings Love by David Kotzebue

Nevada Narratives Poetry Contest Winner

Gambling Decoys: Shills, Proposition Players  by Doresa Banning

A Poet’s Impressions of Reno by James Dilworth

I Have Known Many Winds by MaiLynn Stormon-Trinh

Dayton, Nevada Home Of Footraces, Snowshoe Rescues And Ghostly Encounters by Ken Adams

Ghost Dance by Suzanne Stormon

A Virginia City Wedding by Jeanne Marie Olin

Making Friends And Change At The Overland by Suzanne Stormon

Adventures at Pyramid Lake by Suzanne Stormon

The first episode of Life on Buffalo Mountain by Mark Stormon

Leadbelly: A Girl and Her Dog, by Suzanne Stormon, tells the story of how the author came to Nevada as a young adult escapee from Southern California.


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  1. It was great to share sometime together last week. I love this idea and look forward to contributing. I’ve subscribed and confirmed the subscription. Now, how do I log in and set a password? I didn’t see a prompt.

  2. Hi Steve, Good to have you here. I’m looking forward to some of your writing. You don’t need to log in; that’s just for administrators.

    1. Melinda, I would love to see some of your stories. I bet you have some great ones based on your business mixing horses with people for what looks like transformative experiences. You might have some other stories too. I see you made it into my subscribers list, but I don’t see your husband. Maybe try to sign him up again and let me know if it still doesn’t work.

    1. Good to hear from you. Why don’t you send it in? Does it tell a Nevada story? I know they’ve been active other places lately. I’ll take a look.

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